Message from the President


Hello, Everyone,

I am so excited to have the opportunity to lead this fantastic, fun organization through 2018! I have met so many wonderful people through First Wave, and I have learned so much from everyone that I am thrilled to be able to give back.

We first got into triathlons in 2010. I believe it was late 2008 when my husband Bryce decided, seemingly out of the blue, that he wanted to do an Ironman. I could only think, who took my husband, and who is this new guy? SERIOUSLY? The most he’d done in the gym was the Elliptical, and all I did was lift weights. Cardio was not in my vocabulary. And at the time, I was recovering from shoulder surgery.

So in March of 2009 he signed up for Ironman Oceanside 70.3 for 2010. I’m pretty sure he told me this at the time, but I am not sure I really understood what that meant. Then, on a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim that October, we met a fellow First Waver who trained with Cheryl Miller as his coach. Bryce immediately signed up with Cheryl and roped me into getting a bike so I could ride with him. Cheryl asked me what I was going to do while Bryce was doing all these races, and of course, she talked me into giving it a try. In 2010, we joined First Wave at her suggestion and participated in our first triathlons.

Then, October 11, 2011, as I was testing out my new bike before a half Iron distance race, I was hit by a car at the stop sign near our house. And it was over for a while. Compound fracture of my right leg, bump on the head (always wear a helmet PLEASE!).  But guess what? First Wavers came to the rescue! They brought lunch, made dinner, and they made sure we knew they were behind us all the way and would do whatever they could. Although I didn’t now it at the time, I was on my way to my first Ironman! And increased involvement with First Wave.

The First Wave Endurance Board has some big goals for the next two years, and we are well on our way:

  • Increase membership
  • Increase sponsors
  • Increase activities
  • Increase participation

We would love for you to join us and to get as much as we do out of learning, training, and volunteering with this great club. If you are new to the sport or prefer to do sprints and Olympics, or if you are a multi-Ironman, Kona finisher, or prefer sports like mountain biking, ultra-running, or Xterra races, you are treated as an equal and with respect.  Because it’s all about love of the sport and the triathlon community and making new friends!


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